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In the Point St. Charles of the authors childhood people move for one of two reasons: their apartment is on fire or the rent is due. Starting 1968, eight year old Kathy Dobson shares her early years growing up in Montreal’s Point St. Charles. She offers a glimpse into the culture of extreme poverty, giving an insider’s view into a neighbourhood then described as the toughest in Canada.


Peanutbutter Jellybelly

Just as Faeries are from a magical time, Peanut Butter Jelly Belly is the story of a magical lunchtime adventure in sandwhich making.

Christina started singing catchy tunes of Peanut Butter Jelly Belly while attending college at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island ( USA ). It was in her spare time between studying and playing hockey, that the magical lunchtime adventure in sandwhich making was created.

Kerry lived her dream and competed in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games as a member of the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team. After years of intense training and perseverance, Kerry is extremely proud of her silver medal. Kerry thanks all her supporters, from her hometown of Palmer, Alaska all the way to Toronto, Canada and even overseas!

At DogDay Miniature Doxies our primary mission is to produce happy healthy puppies who integrate well into all social environments.
Our dogs are all cared for in home with attention to, health, exercise, and outdoor play.
We are a C.K.C. registered kennel, and operate a registered kennel in the Township of Howick On.

Mom’s Time Out originated in November of 2006. I am the Mother of 4 adult children and presently 8 grandchildren. Throughout the years I had always cherished that little bit of “time out” that I received -even just 15 minutes when the kids were finally all asleep before the next household chore was to begin.  Mom’s Time Out wants to bring that special relaxing time to you.


Canadian Breeders Online

Canadian Breeders Online receives thousands of visitors every
month. People and businesses searching for pets and livestock to purchase, trade and breed.



Robb and Laurie Have the travel bug coarsing through their veins. Their love of Earth, sea and the universe is truly infectious. Robb’s passion is shark and meteorite related. Laurie spearheads the healing crystals and jewellery department. Together they created a concept that is true to their hearts. Welcome to the Only Place On Earth, The World of Wonders. Everyone is welcome to stop in and peruse our incredible array of worldly and even out-worldy items. “We Raise Hurricanes From Babies!”


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