Our Dogs

Our Faeriepup Protectors


Brandy Framed  This is Brandy, our matriarch. She is the now-retired mother of our first two litters. But she will  continue her reign as “Queen of the Couch,” and keep her children (and grandchildren) under a watchful eye. Brandy loves to puppy sit all the Faeriepup puppies as they grow.


  This is Prince Monty, our resident honey bunny. He loves people and just has to greet everyone that comes to our door. He woos our girls and visitors with his loving nature and charm.


 Charlie 018-001  This is Princess Charlie, Brandy’s daughter. She has given us many intelligent and beautiful pups. Charlie has been retired and will remain with us to help keep the younger ones in line.


  This is Princess Lily, she has the sweetest temperament and just loves to cuddle. She has given us Daphne, Molly, and grand daughter Stella the 3rd generation of Faeriepups. Lily retired in late 2014 and has remained with us to help out with the youngsters.


   This is Princess Daphne; part of the second generation of Faeriepups. Daphne is the daughter of Lily and Monty. Daphne became a first time mom in January, 2013 and is retiring in 2017. Daphne has given us 4 litters of the most gorgeous, sweetest, and intelligent pups. Just like her parents Daphne has the sweetest temperament and loves to cuddle and play. Once retired Daphne will most likely remain with us and help babysit new pups, she loves being a mother.


Molly Dec, 2013.  This is Princess Molly. part of the second generation of Faeriepups. Molly is the daughter of Lily and loves to tell us stories. Molly is extremely lovable and an excellent mother. Molly has given us 17 beautiful puppies and retired in March 2016. Molly has left with her new parents Nicole and Conrad and to her forever home in Trenton, Ontario.


Princess Stella   This is Princess Stella; part of the third generation of Faeriepups. Stella is the daughter of Molly and Monty. Stella is both beautiful and intelligent, just like her mom. She also has her dad’s winning personality. Stella became a first time mom in May, 2015 and continues to give us beautiful babies.


  This is Faeriepup Parti Girl Magi M ( Becky Boo ). Becky comes to us through the United States and is not only CKC registered but AKC registered as well. Becky is giving us an opportunity to introduce new colours into CKC registered Yorkies. These colours are recognized around the world as Parti Yorkies. Becky is still a puppy and is enjoying her new home. We expect Becky to have her first litter late 2017 early 2018.

          Please take a look at our litter pictures!

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