Daphne’s Litter Jan, 2017


  On January 13th, 2017 the dragonflies delivered  2 girls and 1 boy to our Miss Daphne Moon

All Daphne’s Pups have been adopted

For information on Future Litters

Please call Nora @ ( 905 ) 229 8575 or

email  faeriepupsregd@gmail.com

Puppy Updates:

* Harry has been adopted and is now known as Winston. He will join his adopted mom Maureen and the rest of his new family in Windsor early April, 2017.

 Winston and his adopted mom Maureen leave for his new home in Windsor.

* Sally has been adopted  and is now known as Lima. She will join her adopted mom Gabriela, dad Davian, and brother Chico in Nunavut mid April, 2017.

 Lima with adopted mom Gabriela and dad Davian preparing to head north to meet her older brother Chico in Nunavut.

 Elly, now known as Tia will be staying with us and will be part of the next generation of Faeriepups.

The Capricorn Yorkie  ( Dec 21 – Jan 19 ): 

Self confident, loyal, and hard working can describe our serious acting Capricorn Yorkies. Capricorns can also be house trained easier than most Yorkies, they know that rules must be followed and pleasing ones owner is important to them. The Capricorns are not the ones for wasting their time, because they see work as play. They enjoy doing anything to please their owner, so getting your Slippers is much more important and exciting than playing a game of Tug of War. A little Love and Attention goes a long way with the Capricorn Yorkies too, and clean and neat is their way of life. Those grooming session will be appreciated, and looked at as love. Things to watch for are their Bones and Teeth.

As We Grew :

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