Milo with Karimah & Dorthy  We decided to go ahead with Milo as his name. His first night here was great. We fed him as soon as we got him home last night. He was a little scared at first but opened up to everyone.
He had a crate in my room for him for the night, but I left the door open and he came out to sleep in his bed we bought him.
Ginger is getting along with him just fine, she’s still curious about the puppy, but she slept in my bed while Milo slept in his.
This morning I woke up to feed Milo again and he used the pee pad. He is much more comfortable today, still sleeping a lot but definitely not as shy.
I hope all is well,
Love Milo & family.
Karimah B. ( Apr, 2013 )

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