Bella goes home Hi Nora, all is going good here, the ride home was fine she slept most of the way home. She has used her pee pad for pee and poo and no accidents as of yet she likes the little tiny tennis balls and started to play fetch with them. She is not sure of the cats yet but we are watching them; they are such docile guys we are not worried.  The cats food is kibble and is fed down stairs Bella will not be going down stairs  Zack never did either, there’s  lots of space on the other two levels. Not to worry we will keep her out of it. Bella’s area is the family room for now and maybe our bedroom. She seems very happy and eating and drinking and right now sleeping on Lisa lap all is going well .

Talk to you in a couple of days.   Deb  ( Apr, 2013 )


Bella staying warm Hi this is Bella this morning the heat went out  (it was just the batteries in the wall control )  and it was a bit cold in the house so we thought she needed her pjs   so cute.  We had to cover the bottom part of the hall mirror she was marking because of the dog in the mirror, after we did that we were back on track with the pee pad training . She is getting very reliable with it. We will introduce her to the grass this weekend. She found her bark this afternoon , she looked at my lap and saw one of the cats on my lap and barked at me it was so funny. It’s good for her to share. She is getting a little more independent each day she doesn’t always have to be on my lap to sleep she slept on one of my slippers with her nose in it today.

That’s the update for now  ttyl   Deb.  ( Apr, 2013 )


Mom, wait for me  This is Bella outside she loves it , I really have to watch her, she thinks every thing belongs in her mouth . She sleeps in her crate at night and is doing well with that. her bathroom training is about 75%  still a bit hit and miss I take her out to do some of it and that is going well. I don’t think she is physically ready for 100%  she will need to grow a bit more. She is eating really good and having lots of fun, she is very smart and is keeping us on our toes .   ttyl   Deb   (  May 2013 )

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