Georgia goes home  Hi Nora; We arrived home in good time…..Georgia took a while to settle in the car, going from Alexa and I in the back seat. We put the Diva pad on the seat between us and she finally had a nap. We found she doesn’t like rock music and started to shake when the radio was turned up. That’s a good thing…I don’t like it much either.

We stopped and introduced Skyler and Sonny to Georgia (Alexa’s dog and cat). They seemed to get along quite well for their first time visiting. I didn’t stay long, I didn’t want to tire Georgia out too much the first day. We had a snuggle and nap for a couple of hours this afternoon….she just curled up on my chest and enjoyed every moment. So did I! She is enjoying her puppy apartment….I have a picture of her in the bed part just sitting… AND she had her first pee on the pad! I have been with her all the time up till now and left her to play, but I hear her calling now wondering where I am.

I know we are going to get along famously and thank you for giving her a good start in life.

All is well and we are enjoying playing together. I think I have to do training to train her with the pee pad…she did well with it when she came home then missed all day yesterday. Today she had hit it twice, so it’s on again off again.

Love her to pieces,  We’ll talk soon. ( Apr. 2013 )


Georgia relaxing @ home Good morning Nora; thought I’d send you an update on Georgia.

Her first week, she tended to be a little nervous with all the newness…now with all her investigating, she acts like she has lived here for years…no shaking at all.

She is now used to the traffic noise when on our walks. I walk with a brisk pace and she keeps up nicely…not stopping to smell every little blade of grass as Skyler does. I am hoping to keep this type of walk up so that she will get the exercise she needs.

She is very outgoing with all the visiting friends and has also found her space with Skyler and Sonny (Alexa’s dog and cat). the first visit was cute, she thought the cat was her mom (because of his coloring) and followed him around the house.

Finally she feels comfortable sleeping during the day on her own and not needing to know where I am at all times. I am able to leave her for a couple of hours and she is just fine when I come home. If I happen to golf, my babysitters are willing and able to sit for me….I get texts on her potty training exploits throughout the golf game. She is still hit and miss with the training, but it’s only a week, so I’m not too concerned, although she knows to sit for a treat when she comes out of the potty cage….so cute!

She seems to have off days for eating, but I’m sure it’s like a baby…she’s in the growing stage. I weigh her when she slows down and the last count this morning was 3lbs, 5oz…so she isn’t losing weight and eating when she feels the hunger.

Such a frisky little lady….she was having chewing problems and seemed to gnaw on everything she saw….my necklace, material on chairs, carpeting, bedding, you name it. I finally found a chewy that is natural product and she is enjoying chewing on this instead therefore she is calmer.

I hope this note finds you and hubby in good health,  and enjoying this warm weather. finally there is nothing to complain about.

Janet  ( May, 2013 )


Georgia new home  Hi Nora; All is going well with Georgia. She had her 3rd vaccine and came through with no problems. The girl who gave her the shot said she was good and didn’t even feel it. she will get her rabies shot in June. They thought she was so cute and took a picture of her…… she will be in their flyer. Hopefully I will get one and will send it off to you.

She loves her walk. We have a walking path behind my condo and she loves to meet the people that are out enjoying a stroll. They love the little bundle of squiggles that greet them and they walk away with a smile after having a few minutes visiting .

I hope you are enjoying this long weekend and the sun and look forward to hearing from you…   ( May 2013 )


Georgia Peach July, 13   Georgia just had her first haircut. Because of some matting on her belly the cut is shorter than I would have enjoyed, but she is still the cutie in personality.  the groomer was very patient with her and only clipped a little at a time which is what I wanted as she tends to be able to take brushing and body care in short spurts.

I took her to a cottage for two days and one night. she behaved well on the 1 1/2 hr. drive….slept all the way. she loved wandering around the property sniffing all the newness and adopted my brother-in-law to the point of following him into the lake. I think it was a surprise for her, but she swam magnificently and got out, shook and continued her investigating. I had no worries of her wandering off and she responded to my calling her which is great.    ( July, 2013 )





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