Diesel is doing well , he is my little baby and he has completed our family. My grandma got moved to the rehabilitation place in Dundas and I was able to bring diesel over to visit with her. He was so compassionate with her and he fell
asleep on her bed beside her. My grandmother loved him even though she was a but confused last night she still managed to say how cute he is.  I will send you pics.

The pictures are great! I love his little condo set-up, he even has his own heat register! I think the picture of Diesel in his bed with his little Tee shirt on is adorable! The crate you have for him is just perfect, and it looks like it is in the best spot in your bedroom. You might want to put a towel under the crate just to be sure that it doesn’t mark your hardwood floors, plus it will lift it a bit off of the floor and prevent a draft on Diesel. I love your choice of name.

I know that Diesel has found a fantastic loving home. It is amazing how things work out.I feel that you and Pat have made a wonderful choice in your puppy, and know that there is great joy and happiness in the future for all of you. Please remember I am but a phone call or email away. ( Dec, 2012 )


Diesel & Neva Hi Nora, I hope you and the clan are doing well.
Diesel is doing great!!! He went to his first day camp on Saturday and he did awesome!!!! I was a bit worried to see him in a room with some larger dogs but everything went well , so I’m really happy for that.
I also got some information on the [Pet Smart] training classes and if all goes well it looks like we are going to sign up for Wednesday evenings so our family can attend. The trainer did say that it is best when the whole family attends.  I will try to give you a shout sometime this week.  I thought you would like to see a few more pics. I love the one of Neva and Diesel on the pillow.

I always enjoy chatting with you and I will talk to you soon. Thanks for giving us a  wonderful puppy. We are  truly  blessed to have met both you and Larry and so grateful for giving us Diesel. We love him soo much!!!    ( Apr, 2013 )


Diesel goes swimming  We opened up the pool and Diesel went for his first swim. We were all so excited that we forgot to take pictures. So I will have to remember for next time. He is a great little swimmer. He was nice and tired last night from being outside all afternoon lol.
I hope you guys enjoy the beautiful weather.
We will talk soon . ( May, 2013 )

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