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  Well, there is certainly a lot of excitement at our house tonight! Thank you for introducing us to Sydney.  She is quickly getting comfortable – she’s had a couple of tummy rubs, two pees outside, and a walk around the block.  She barked at a couple of homes and a sign that was waving in the wind! She had her supper and is resting in her crate for now. We’ll keep in touch! All the best, Kim, Ken & Kids.

Evelyn starting singing her lullaby and Sydney came out of her crate and got up on Evelyn’s lap.  ‘Heaven for all involved, I think!

We are becoming accustomed to her schedule and getting into a groove.  Presently, Evelyn is singing to her – again!  Sydney brings Evelyn great joy! ( Nov, 2012 )


2 Princesses  We love Sydney.  She now has the full run of the house when we are home.  She still sleeps in her crate but the crate is with Evelyn in her room at night.  Here is a photo of her walking Sydney recently.  ( Feb, 2013 )


Sydney & Peppy  Freshly groomed and with her pal Peppy over for a play date!  Happy second birthday, Sydney!

Happy Birthday Sydney. Hope Peppy was a gentleman and let you have the first  piece of cake. lol your soooo  cute together.    ( Apr 27, 2013 )


A short video of Sydney’s first swim   Sydney can swim


Sydney relaxing in the garden  Sydney has begun to actually enjoy our backyard, relaxing for a while in the sun in between moments of racing around, barking! ( July, 2013 )























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