She had her first visit at the vet’s last night and she passed with flying colours.  The vet was very pleased and surprised with the amount of paperwork you had for her.  She said it was obvious that Stella was very well taken care of. She also said that most of her adult teeth are in now, so it is time to introduce tooth brushing.

Please keep me informed of how you are doing with Maggie-Mae as far as housebreaking is concerned.  Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. That is my only issue right now with Stella. I have put the large white pee-pad in a boot tray and she seems to like using it.  I prefer to have something a little off the floor that she has to step into. stella’s potty training is also going well.  Last night she did not pee at all so I think I will close the crate at night.  Whenever new people come and she is worried, she will go to her crate. It is a safe haven for her.

Stella is getting to be more fun with each passing day.  For the first time, she actually enjoyed her walk this morning and was vastly interested in everything.  At one point, she tried to roll in the grass on the golf course. ( April, 2012 )


  Stella is doing really well, in spite of the fact that she had an ‘accident’ on the balcony this morning that was nowhere near her pee-pad.  She looked at the mess and instantly knew this was wrong.  I was so pleased that she realized this and it was so obvious that she did.  She was subdued for awhile after the incident (I did not scold her) and I cleaned up and left her to think it over.  I stayed with her on the balcony but didn’t pay attention to her.  We have found that Stella sometimes plays a little rough and will sometimes growl and bite. She will sometimes snap at our faces.  When this happens, we put her away from us (if we are on the couch, we will put her on the other side of the couch so she knows this is unacceptable).  In just a few days she seems to be becoming more careful when playing with us and seems to be ‘sweeter’.  She is really starting to pay attention to our signals.  I have also found that if she knows I am carrying a treat when we are walking, she pays much closer attention.

I have booked Stella for another grooming session next week.  This time, she will get her ‘puppy cut’.  Stella has lost a few more teeth.  When I am about to wash her face etc, I put her on the counter (holding her, of course) and run the tap.  The sound of the rushing water does not bother her.

I am finding that Stella is behaving in a more mature manner than when she first arrived.  At first, I despaired of her ever stopping her frantic play to listen to me but now I am finding that she is a little more serious and is really developing a personality.  You should see her when I pick up her harness.  She can’t get it on fast enough and sticks her head through every hole until we get it right.  I try to walk her three times a day since we live in a condo and don’t have a yard for her. (She knows it is fine to pee in the grass.)  I think it is important to socialize Stella as she would growl at strangers approaching.  Now, she hardly ever growls at strangers.

That’s all the Stella news I can think of for now, Nora.  Oh, one other thing.  The other day she only ate half her dinner.  She was fine after that and has gone back to her normal appetite. I think maybe it was a loose tooth. However, when we first got her she would wolf down her food, now she will leave it if she thinks we are doing something more interesting and then return to it. Hope all is well with Maggie Mae and the others.  Let’s keep in touch, and please continue to send any helpful tidbits you can think of. ( May, 2012 )

  Here are some pics of my baby that Rozina (Dean’s mom) took recently with her cell phone.  They show Stella’s hair to be darker than what it is (she is a lovely grey) but it is a good likeness of her beautiful face.  So many people have remarked on what a pretty face she has.  Unfortunately, she had her harness on for all the pics.

Stella had her surgery yesterday and the incision has not bothered her at all.  Today, she is a little quieter than usual (I like her this way, actually) but I am sure she will be totally back to normal by tomorrow.  They also removed two baby teeth which they saved for me….they are LONG – probably an inch!!  They said they would never have come out on their own.  So, soft food for a week while her little mouth is healing.   I am so relieved this surgery is over, Nora.  Already, it is hard to keep her from jumping all over.  I am surprised at how small the incision is, it does not seem to bother her at all.  The wonders of modern science……………  ( June 2012 )

   Hi Nora.  I have been thinking of writing to you.  I just brought Stella home from the groomers.  She went for a mini grooming as she needed nails done, ears, etc.  She has an appt in August for the works.
Stella and I have been surviving the heat.  Right now, we are in the air conditioning. We have a shaded balcony that usually doesn’t get too hot, but if I notice Stella panting, I will take her in.  She doesn’t seem to notice the heat quite as much as the cold but I keep a close eye on her anyway.  She is not usually on the balcony alone.
We have noticed that Stella is becoming a little quieter.  She is paying more attention to “NO BARK!”  She does not bark at every sound she hears so she is probably getting used to our noises and those of the neighbourhood.
Stella has put on a little weight.  I weighed her on my brother’s digital scale and she is 7 pounds.  What does Maggie Mae weigh?
We have had a few ‘accidents’ in the last few weeks where Stella has peed off her pee pad.  She was scolded for this since neither incident was a ‘near miss’ and the pads were not dirty.  So far, we seem to be back on track.
I notice as Stella matures, she seems to be paying more attention to what I am saying to her – especially when we are alone.  Also, one time she whined instead of barking and I whined back at her to encourage whining rather than barking.  Now she does this cute little whine more often, and barking less when she is trying to get my attention. I bought some dollar store facecloths, as you recommended, and they are a great way to wash her face, etc.  I have been using the modified doggy toothbrush for her teeth and this seems to be working.Please keep in touch and tell me all about Maggie Mae. ( July, 2012 )

 Here is a close-up of our girl that Dean took not too long ago. I get so many comments on Stella’s pretty face.  Even people who have or have had or know Yorkies comment on her face.

Stella is getting more amazing every day.  She has really grown on us and I would not want to be without her.  Her antics make John laugh. She often will just sit and watch me working around the apartment.  She is very attentive but at times is still a brat.  Her personality is really developing and she adapts very well to whatever is going on. Lately, she has learned that she can jump off the couch and so now she pretty much has the run of the house.  We are watching her carefully to make sure there are no accidents on the carpet but, so far so good. She is so pleased with herself as she runs from room to room!
I still like the potty patches.  They can be easily washed with soap and water and hung to dry.  I don’t use the pee pads at all anymore as I prefer something that looks more like grass.  (They sure don’t smell like grass though!).     ( Oct. 2012 )


 Stella is doing well…..  She looks nice today as she had a bath yesterday. Yes, our pups are one year old – adolescents, I guess.  Please hug Maggie Mae and wish her a happy birthday for me.  I feel like buying Stella a present.  ( Nov, 2012 )















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