First night and day with Louie went well.  He and Banjo are on their way to becoming fast friends.  Neither of the dogs showed any aggression toward the other, so things are looking good so far.  We have been watching them closely any time they are together, just in case.  First night at home, Louie cried as could be expected.  I’m off in a few moments back to the pet store to buy the smallest cage for him– you were right!!!  After a while, I got so tired of the crying that I put him in bed between Frank and I (a habit that will quickly come to an end), and he slept like a baby and didn’t soil till the morning.  The pee pads are going okay, and he is albeit slowly learning.  Today he was home alone, but in his xpen.  I checked on him at noon. ( Feb, 2012 )


  He is doing great!  He had his vet check and needles today and is nice and healthy.  He is getting used to Banjo and our family. ( Feb, 2012 )


   Louie travelled well on the drive to Florida.  I gave him the dose of gravol that Dr. Verma recommended and he was fine.  The potty training is going well too, albeit he still has his accidents now and then 🙂  Thank heaven for baby wipes!!

I am thinking of taking him for obedience training so he doesn’t develop any bad habits, ie. barking, begging, etc. ( Mar, 2012 )


   Louie was neutered today and all went well at the vet’s.  We just picked him up and he is still a little drowsy after the surgery, but managed to eat his kibble for dinner.  I suspect he will sleep well tonight and hopefully by tomorrow evening, he should feel a little more like himself. Louie weighs 7 lbs 8 oz.  He is a hefty little guy; small legs but a grand torso.  He’s the “buff” brother!!  Vet didn’t seem concerned about his size.

I have attached some pictures of Louie for you to see.  He is feeling well today after the surgery and had his first regular bowel movement that wasn’t watery.  He is eating and drinking as usual and has his usual vim and vigour.

As far as his weight, I checked the ribs as you suggested and I can definitely feel them.  Although I think I will switch to adult dog food after I’m done this new bag of puppy food because he’s probably getting too much fat in his diet.  We don’t give him any table food and he only gets one treat a day so it must be the puppy food that’s causing him to pack on the pounds, so to speak.

As for temperament, he is the sweetest thing you could ever meet.  He loves to give kisses and plays shy when he’s around new people.  He loves to hide under my skirt tails and his ears go down when he meets someone new.  He runs around everywhere and often therefore bangs into table legs, cupboard doors, etc.  He is enamoured with me and follows me around 24/7.  He especially loves to cuddle with me on my bed at night and would gladly sleep at my feet if I let him.  I can’t imagine life without him :o) ( July, 2012 )


  Hello Nora, Here is a picture of My Three Sons!

Btw- Louie is doing well after his surgeries; I have nicknamed him “my shadow” because he follows me everywhere.  What a joy he is!! ( July, 2012 )


   This is a picture of Louie from his latest travels to Florida.  Enjoy!! Btw, did I mention that Louie likes to dance in my last email?  When he sees me dancing, he runs into my arms.  Something about the movement always makes him come running!!( Aug, 2012 )


 Here is the latest picture of Louie and Banjo after their recent haircuts. Don’t you just want to eat them up??!! Take care and talk to you soon! (Oct 2012)


 Louie is officially one year old!  We love our little guy sooooo much!  He is getting ready to go to Florida soon– he loves walking on the beach and kids. He is shy around meeting new people.  He is a real cuddler who loves to nuzzle and nap on anyone’s bed.  He answers to Louie or Lou Lou.  He has stopped biting on cords and shoes, but can’t resist fuzzy slippers.  He likes to attack leaves in the yard and loves to smell EVERYTHING.  He is all potty trained, finally! He loves to hide under beds to make you look for him!!  He sits still forever if you are holding him or kissing him.  All in all, a real angel.  We thank you for our little puppy and can’t imagine life without him. ( Dec, 2012 )


Please enjoy this short video    Banjo cleans Louie


Louie 2 year anniversary Hello Nora, Louie just celebrated his second anniversary with us!Here is a picture of his big day. Hope you are all doing well. ( Feb, 2014 )









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