Miss Hayley


    Miss Hayley is so great; she is balanced in all the right catagories; We call her little “Lovie”. Thank you Nora for our beautiful Yorkie she fills our hearts with such joy! ( Jan, 2011 )

  Rhonda called to let us know they have just returned  from a weeks’ vacation in the Muskoka area. Miss Hayley had a great time and really enjoyed swimming in the lake. It was Hayley’s favorite activity and hard to keep her out of the water. As a safety precaution she was always tied to a safety line attached to her harness. ( Aug, 2011 )

   It was a pleasure to spend some time and have Miss Hayley come to stay with us for a week while her family attended a wedding overseas. (Nov, 2011)

  Miss Hayley and her family came for a visit on Sunday and shared some of her experiences this past year. She has become well socialized with both humans and other dogs. She enjoys her daily walks with mom and running free in the back yard. Hayley’s biggest accomplishment !! Hayley has become totally house trained, no more need for the pee pads. ( May, 2012 )


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