Firstly we want to thank you very much for Dobby.  Yes his name will be Dobby. He has adjusted beautifully.  What a cutie… he is awesome. We will send you a pics tonight via email. Have a great day and thanks again to both you and Larry, a pleasure to meeting you both. ( Nov, 2011 )


  Hope all is well.  Dobby is doing well, thank you again for him. He is adorable and so loveable. We love him soooooo much!!!!!  ( Dec, 2011 )


  We were going to email you tonight to Thank You for the lovely card.  I waited to open until today. Dobby is the best thing that every happened to our family.  He loved his new toys (birthday gifts) we gave him this morning. Absolutely a picture as soon as Brittany can send it for you. All the best for a great summer, and we will definitely keep in touch.

P.S. I will surely give him a kiss and hug from you. ( July, 2012 )


   Here is the last picture I will update at Christmas and send one for the season. Just to let you know Dobby is also a traveler is has been to Montreal, Florida and Collingwood. He was so good and didn’t even get sick.  Dobby is a charmer. Look he has his own couch!!!!

Take care Nora and we will keep in touch  ( Aug, 2012 )


Dobby Birthday Dobby is doing very well, today we are celebrating his 2nd birthday.

He has new friends rabbits…. he actually plays with them and not attack them very rare. what a great dog he is! All the best in your new location. We will keep in touch

Take care

The Pompilii ‘s  ( July 31, 13 )


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