Sorry we haven’t gotten back to you sooner but we have been very busy puppy proofing our kitchen. We absolutely love Sam and don’t worry he has been brought into a very loving family.  When we first went to bed he cried a little but then settled down for the night and not a peep last night.  He has been out in our backyard and loves it.  He met our neighbours dog and they are now friends.  Sam is going to his first Vet appointment (with us) tonight at 6:30 and we will let you know how it goes. We have him sleep in the crate you gave us at night in our bedroom and we bought a crate for him in the kitchen with his bed in it during the day and the door is open for him to come and go as he pleases.  When we go out, we will close the crate so he will be safe.  He has been doing very well going on his training pads. ( July, 2011 )

We just came back from Sam’s new vet and he has been a given a clean bill of health.  Dr DeRoo was very impressed regarding the literature about Sam.


  Just thought I would send you some pics of Sam.  I will be sending you one of the family sometime this week.  Sam has been a great addition to our family and he is loved very much.  Sam has made numerous dog friends throughout the neighbourhood and is a hit with extended family.  The first pic is Sam in his create that he uses during the day in our kitchen.  We also bought him a smaller one for our bedroom at night time.  You can be rest assured that Sam has come into a loving home and will be taken care of with love. Sam is doing very well and he knows how to sit, shake a paw, stay and come.  Sam loves the outdoors and enjoys going for walks.( August, 2011 )


  Sam is doing quite well and we love him very much!  We have signed him up for puppy training starting this Saturday for 6 weeks.  The only problem I am having is with “Stay” and “Come” while outside in the backyard because there are too many distractions.  Sam listens to me most of the time, but I know Lori and Amy want Sam to behave for them aswell.  Once puppy training is done we will schedule to have him neutered.  Sam had his first furcut on September 27th (exactly 5 months) and he looked quite small.  Lori and Amy bought him a sweater with an “S” on it for the colder days.  Funny thing yesterday after we ate dinner …. he was trying to get his sweater but couldn’t reach it so he got his leash that was hanging at the back door… put it in his mouth and went from side to side of my chair wanting to go for a walk.  We always take him for a walk each day and he won’t let us forget it!  Sam also knows what the word “walk” means so we have to say W in front of him otherwise we will be going for one even if we do not feel like it. ( Oct, 2011 )


   Sam graduated! They tried to place his graduate cap on and get a picture but Sam did not co-operate.  Instead we had to get a picture of me holding Sam with his certificate.Sam is our Lori and I’s 3rd dog we have had together.  The training was really good.  We learned things that we never knew when training Sam.  The one thing that we thought was really helpful was the “Leave It” command and Sam knows it very well.  If at any time something is dropped or if you pass something on the street that you do not want Sam to have, anyone one of us can say “Leave It”.  He will look at it but will not attempt to put it in his mouth.  The other day Lori dropped the lid of our sugar bowl and Sam came out of nowhere to get it and Lori said “Leave It” and Sam walked away.  The trainer was impressed with this in class when I dropped a Liver treat and told him to Leave It and he did.  For training you must have another treat to give him once he leaves whatever you drop alone.  The “Leave It” command means he is never ever to get it. ( Nov, 2011 )


   Here are a couple of pics that I thought you would enjoy. Before his hair cut

  Sam after his hair cut. ( Mar, 2012 )


  Sam went for his Heartworm test on April 17th and weighed in at 9.72 lbs.  We made sure to celebrate his 1st birthday [ April 27th ] with a bit of vanilla ice cream in his bowl.  Sam had a furcut yesterday and I thought you might like to see some pics. ( May 2012 )











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