Pesto the Great


  [Faeriepup Dudley adopts Kerry and Christina and becomes Pesto, soon to pick up the title of ” Pesto the Great “!] We would love to continue to see and hear about Pesto’s growth! Yippee!  And we look forward to keeping you updated with his progress after he moves in with us!!! Thank you for the open invite to see the rascal before the pick up! ( June, 2011 )

  [Pesto goes home.] We were wondering if next Wednesday would be okay for our official adoption of Pesto? Thank you for your confidence in us, you give us a lot of it with your wealth of knowledge and knowing you are there for support. We are just jumping with excitement with thoughts of our little man coming home with us. Picked up our last few items (finger toothbrush, puppy chew kong, comb and clippers) today! ( July, 2012 )

  Nora, our boy is enjoying himself to say the least!! This is a pic of Pesto running free in the Alaskan fields. ( Oct, 2011 )

   Everyone loves having him here.  My nephews and nieces run around with him on my parents lawn (about an acre or more).  He loves walks in the fields and sniffing everything.  My parents are not huge animal people, but he is stealing their hearts too! Had a bird circle him a few times the other day, then it decided he was a little too big…yikes. ( Oct, 2011 )

   Pesto the Great, always adorable! ( Oct, 2011 )

  Thought you might like a family photo. We have been enjoying ourselves, but really hope Charlie and the little ones are well.  Pesto is busy growing…around 6lbs and 6oz.  He plays a lot, but has become a little napper too.  Which is nice for me! He is all the way potty trained.  A little nudge with his nose is his way of saying Gotta Go!  But it is nice now, if we cant take him right away he can hold it for a little while…another nudge with his noise and we are out the door!  🙂 He LOVES snow.  The deeper the better!  He goes wild for it, and if he is not outside to be in it, he likes to look at it.  He plays and when we pick him up he has balls of snow rolled into his fur.  That is fun to try to get out!  But no deterring him.  He has also taken to playing in the tub with a few inches of water. ( Jan, 2012 )

  We wanted to let you know that Pesto is on the front page of the LIFE section of the Star!! I haven’t read it fully, just scanned the pictures and ran to write you! We have already had people write us that have recognized him!! We (me and Pesto) fly to Alaska tonight for 10 days! ( Mar. 8, 2012 )

  Pesto and I [ Kerry ] are still in Alaska soaking up the snow! I have attached a photo of him playing on a pile of snow on the farm that my Dad plowed.  A beautiful mountain called Pioneer Peak is behind. We are having lots of fun in the snow, visiting family and just exploring! ( Mar, 2012 )

   As I am sure you know today is April 27th, 2012 – Pesto’s 1st birthday. Plus, Syndey and her other brothers of course!
Kerry and I wanted to share the happy day with you.
Pesto is playing with his new toy snake.  Later he will have his dog bone we got from the dog bakery.

We are in Florida, this week Pesto’s monumental accomplishment has been swimming in the pool!!  We knew he liked water but the biggest he has been in up to this point has been our tub and a kiddy pool at the cottage….I think he must have wanted to get it under his belt before he turned one!! He watched us swimming and acted like he was going to jump in to join us, so we offered our arms and he jumped right in!  Expert swimmer!  We taught him how to and where to get out by giving him treats at the steps (I watched a video about safety with dogs and pools, they have to know where to swim to get out if they fall in).
He has also chased countless lizards and even received his first bee sting….followed by a quarter of a Benadryl tablet and a visit to the vet.  Everything is okay!

He’s potty trained for months, never barks so we have people ask if we took out his voice box (!), he does a “sit” “wait” and asks for permission before passing through a door or just a spot he is not to cross.  He also loves ALL dogs, even the biggest and doesn’t shy from their slobber- although I must note Chistina finds in absolutely disgusting.  He walks nicely on a leash, but does try to pull if he smells, sees or hears thing of interest at times.  His brave and curious behavior that we fell in love with nearly a year ago has never changed and we hope to continue to share the world with him (although he will not accompany us to Italy in a couple of weeks).

Happy birthday to the whole litter!!

Love Kerry and Christina And Baby to Be. ( April, 2012 )








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