Puppy Updates


nemo-looks-great I just checked my mail and received the certificate. 😉

Nemo is well trained the only problem I have is the cat thinks it’s ok to pee on the pee pad. So I’ve changed things up a bit when I work and so far so good. He comes when called. Brings toys when asked and sits and waits on command.

Nemo loves everyone.  Every dog and every person. Nothing scares him…and he barks at those who don’t want to play!. I’ve been approached by a girl,who has 2 Manchester Terriers, asking if I would give him up. As if!!. He is definitely popular in my building.  He is such an adorable, intelligent dog. Love him sooo much.

Thank you for such an incredible pup!!!

Melanie ( Oct, 2016 )


Chico looking good after his bath Good morning Nora!

Chico is doing great. Growing up very fast. We just did the last set of shots yesterday and he took them like a champ. (He weighed in at 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs) )He is eating well and growing well overall. The vet here was impressed.

We are still working on the potty training. He is becoming a bit less mischievous than before. We had a couple weeks where he was tearing up the pee pads and making a huge mess everywhere. Which just goes to show how anxious he gets when he is bored. He is so active lol. But luckily he has grown out of that somewhat. Haven’t come home to pieces of pee pad everywhere for a week now lol. (Hope I don’t jinx it).

Slowly but surely we are introducing him to outside. It’s been the -30s here mostly but he isn’t as bothered by the cold anymore as he used to be. (He used to cry when we would take him outside with us). He is getting much better and this week we have started morning pee and poop outside. Which today he did so well. We still leave the pee pad there while we are at work to prevent accidents but he is getting into the routine of getting up in the morning and going outside.

We will send of video of him fetching. He loves his ball and loves to bring it back. He can go for hours!! I swear we get tired faster than he does. Haha

Lots of love ! Talk soon! ( Feb, 2016 )

Gabriela Goodman ᒐᐃᐳᕆᓚ ᒍᑦᒪᓐ, MSc. RD. 


Louie & Carly 3rd Birthday Hi Nora,
It’s your old pal Louie and it’s my 4th birthday today!! I just got my hair cut for the occasion and I’m looking really smart! I love my family a lot, especially my mom. I’m her little shadow. I love my toys, eating, my family and going on holidays. My family takes me with them everywhere. I hope you are doing as well as me. I wish you a merry Christmas!!
Love Louie xoxo ( Dec 2015 )

Hunter goes home Hi Nora,  Just wanted to give you a quick update. Hunter is doing well , he is coming along well with going to the bathroom outside.  He is doing well with crate training. I bought an enclosed pen for when we leave the house with a pee pad in it. He is very loving and happy. He is somewhat timid of certain things but  I hope as he gets older he will get used  them. (Young grandchildren being one of them) . We certainly have been enjoying him.

Ursula and Doug (June 2014)

Louie 2 year anniversary Hello Nora, Louie just celebrated his second anniversary with us!Here is a picture of his big day. Hope you are all doing well. ( Dec, 2013 )

2 Princesses We love Sydney. She now has the full run of the house when we are home. She still sleeps in her crate but the crate is with Evelyn in her room at night. Here is a photo of her walking Sydney recently. (Feb, 2013)

Diesel & Neva Hi Nora, I hope you and the clan are doing well.
Diesel is doing great!!! He went to his first day camp on Saturday and he did awesome!!!! I was a bit worried to see him in a room with some larger dogs but everything went well , so I’m really happy for that.
I also got some information on the [Pet Smart] training classes and if all goes well it looks like we are going to sign up for Wednesday evenings so our family can attend. The trainer did say that it is best when the whole family attends.  I will try to give you a shout sometime this week.  I thought you would like to see a few more pics. I love the one of Neva and Diesel on the pillow.

I always enjoy chatting with you and I will talk to you soon. Thanks for giving us a  wonderful puppy. We are  truly  blessed to have met both you and Larry and so grateful for giving us Diesel. We love him soo much!!!    ( Apr, 2013 )

Louie's 1st Birthday    Louie is officially one year old!  We love our little guy sooooo much!  He is getting ready to go to Florida soon– he loves walking on the beach and kids. He is shy around meeting new people.  He is a real cuddler who loves to nuzzle and nap on anyone’s bed.  He answers to Louie or Lou Lou.  He has stopped biting on cords and shoes, but can’t resist fuzzy slippers.  He likes to attack leaves in the yard and loves to smell EVERYTHING.  He is all potty trained, finally! He loves to hide under beds to make you look for him!!  He sits still forever if you are holding him or kissing him.  All in all, a real angel.  We thank you for our little puppy and can’t imagine life without him. ( Dec, 2012 )


http://youtu.be/HRzXqAtpBtU :

Our daughter sang a lullaby and Sydney, the new addition to our family, came out of her crate and climbed up….  ( Nov, 2012 )


Family Photo  As I am sure you know today is April 27th, 2012 – Pesto’s 1st birthday. Plus, Sydney and her other brothers of course!
Kerry and I wanted to share the happy day with you.
Pesto is playing with his new toy snake.  Later he will have his dog bone we got from the dog bakery.

We are in Florida, this week Pesto’s monumental accomplishment has been swimming in the pool!!  We knew he liked water but the biggest he has been in up to this point has been our tub and a kiddy pool at the cottage….I think he must have wanted to get it under his belt before he turned one!! He watched us swimming and acted like he was going to jump in to join us, so we offered our arms and he jumped right in!  Expert swimmer!  We taught him how to and where to get out by giving him treats at the steps (I watched a video about safety with dogs and pools, they have to know where to swim to get out if they fall in).
He has also chased countless lizards and even received his first bee sting….followed by a quarter of a Benadryl tablet and a visit to the vet.  Everything is okay!

He’s potty trained for months, never barks so we have people ask if we took out his voice box (!), he does a “sit” “wait” and asks for permission before passing through a door or just a spot he is not to cross.  He also loves ALL dogs, even the biggest and doesn’t shy from their slobber- although I must note Christina finds it absolutely disgusting.  He walks nicely on a leash, but does try to pull if he smells, sees or hears thing of interest at times.  His brave and curious behavior that we fell in love with nearly a year ago has never changed and we hope to continue to share the world with him (although he will not accompany us to Italy in a couple of weeks).

Happy birthday to the whole litter!!

Love Kerry and Christina And Baby to Be. ( April, 2012 ) 

Pesto & his growing family Thought you might like a family photo. We have been enjoying ourselves, but really hope Charlie and the little ones are well.  Pesto is busy growing…around 6lbs and 6oz.  He plays a lot, but has become a little napper too.  Which is nice for me! He is all the way potty trained.  A little nudge with his nose is his way of saying Gotta Go!  But it is nice now, if we cant take him right away he can hold it for a little while…another nudge with his noise and we are out the door!  He LOVES snow.  The deeper the better!  He goes wild for it, and if he is not outside to be in it, he likes to look at it.  He plays and when we pick him up he has balls of snow rolled into his fur.  That is fun to try to get out!  But no deterring him. He has also taken to playing in the tub with a few inches of water. ( Jan, 2012 )

Proud Graduate Sam graduated! They tried to place his graduate cap on and get a picture but Sam did not co-operate.  Instead we had to get a picture of me holding Sam with his certificate. Sam is our Lori and I’s 3rd dog we have had together.  The training was really good.  We learned things that we never knew when training Sam.  The one thing that we thought was really helpful was the “Leave It” command and Sam knows it very well.  If at any time something is dropped or if you pass something on the street that you do not want Sam to have, anyone one of us can say “Leave It”.  He will look at it but will not attempt to put it in his mouth.  The other day Lori dropped the lid of our sugar bowl and Sam came out of nowhere to get it and Lori said “Leave It” and Sam walked away.  The trainer was impressed with this in class when I dropped a Liver treat and told him to Leave It and he did.  For training you must have another treat to give him once he leaves whatever you drop alone.  The “Leave It” command means he is never ever to get it. ( Nov, 2011 )


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