Yorkie Astrology

                         What is Your Yorkie’s Sign

The Capricorn Yorkie  ( Dec 21 – Jan 19 ): 

Self confident, loyal, and hard working can describe our serious acting Capricorn Yorkies. Capricorns can also be house trained easier than most Yorkies, they know that rules must be followed and pleasing ones owner is importatant to them. The Capricorns are not the ones for wasting their time, because they see work as play. They enjoy doing anything to please their owner, so getting your Slippers is much more important and exciting than playing a game of Tug of War. A little Love and Attention goes a long way with the Capricorn Yorkies too, and clean and neat is their way of life. Those grooming session will be appreciated, and looked at as love. Things to watch for are their Bones and Teeth.

The Aquarius Yorkie ( Jan 20 – Feb 18 ): 

If the Aquarius Yorkie could speak, the first words would be ” give me my space “. Eccentric may be the best word to describe the Aquarius pet, often travelling in his own world. Aquarius pets need Freedom to say the least, and to confine one would be like the end of the world to them. They want and neeed to interact with peple and other animals as well. At first the seem to act a bit shy, but their true Colours will come out. Then Show Off will be his new Title. This may not be the best sign if you are lookin for a “Lap Dog”, but his intelligence and personality will soon win you over.

The Pisces Yorkie ( Feb 19 – Mar 20 ):  

Pisces can and will live in their own world. As a result, you’re well advised not to expect to much from this sweet Yorkie. What you will get from your pet is a  caring and sympathetic friend who will sense you are upset and do what they can to make you feel better. Think of the Pisces pet asyour shadow as they are inclined to follow you arround and land where you do. While generally not requiring much, your Pisces pet will not want to be left alone all the time. There is great comfort for this Yorkie in knowing you are close at hand. Night time is fun time for the Pisces Yorkie as they will be dreaming up a storm — notice how much their eyes blink! Rest assured they are having a ball.

The Aries Yorkie ( Mar 21 – Apr 20 ):

Yorkies born under the Aries Birth Sign are made up of 100% Energy. The Aries pet is a strong willed Yorkie, paying no mind to the rest of the world. Good Manners is not their strong point, but they are assertive and friendly. The Aries pet is in heaven when Company comes, strangers are not strangers for long and it is their job to entertain and amuse them with playful actions. Friendly and Sweet they are, but the Aries is also the Protector of thier Home and Family, so they are well capable to display an aggresive attitude if need be. Things to watch in your Yorkie are Heads, Eyes and Ears.

The Taurus Yorkie ( April 21 – May 20 ):

If you are not up to an Energetic active Yorkie, you may want to look for a Taurus. A much slower mover than most of the Signs, almost to the lazy side of life. But their Love for you will never be questioned. His priorities in life  would be a warm comfortable bed, but don’t forget to have a full bowl of fresh food near by to make them completely happy. Yes they want a life of Riley. The Taurus also wants affection and attention, and the soft stroking and brushing will do just fine, Thank You. Go for a walk, who me? No, I would rather stay home near the Bed and Food Dish, so watch my weight please.

The Gemini Yorkie ( May 21 – Jun 20 ):

If you can relate to the “Terrible Twos”, this may be the easiest way to describe  the Gemini Yorkie. Living life to the fullest, never sitting down, and doing as much as possible and more in a day. Oh! Quiet is not a word they can relate to, and if they could talk they would. They wouldn’t stop talking for a minute. Gemini stands for Twins, and there is enough energy in one for two. So get out the Running Shoes, this Yorkie wants to move fast, and from one thing to another. Adventure could be his first name and Fun could be his last. How could you help but love this Yorkie, they never grow up and act like a puppy their whole life. Their Paws and Legs are the weak points in Gemini Signs.

The Cancer Yorkie ( June 21 – July 21 ):

Home and Family is embedded deep in the Hearts of the Cancers. The words ” There’s No Place like Home” would come out of the Yorkie very freely and with the deepest meaning if they could speak. , Family is also very importatant to them so this is not a pet that wants to be home alone, and does get upset if left for a long periods of time. The Cancer Yorkie is also very sensitive, knowing the moods within the family. Harmony is importatant to them, so if your having an off day, don’t be surprised when your pet reacts to you in a sympathetic way. They can also have their bad days, but they will work it out themselves. They need a little extra space during these days and be left alone. But before you know it they will be back on track. Stress and Diet can cause Digestive problems in our Cancer Sign Friends.

The Leo Yorkie ( July 22 – Aug 21 ):

Leo’s can wrap you around their Finger and you will never know it. They want to be the Ruler of the House and will be! They enjoy being treated as King or Queen of the House, and therefore many Leo’s are spoiled, and they prefer it that way. They are very loyal pets, but you must do your part to keep them this way. They must be reminded of your love and gratitude, after all they know their #1. The courageous Leo can also shine through, for extra attention! Weak point: Hearts

The Virgo Yorkie ( Aug 22 – Sept 21 ):

If you are the type of person that adheres to a tight schedule day in and day out, this is the match for you. Neatness, Clean surroundings and making sure everything is in their place is importatant  with the Virgo. Also, they do not need new toys, after all that would be a change. Turn left instead of right at the corner during our walk! Don’t think so, why change a good thing? They can be a little Finicky and Demanding at times, but as long as you don’t change things or time schedules all should be well with the Virgo.

The Libra Yorkie ( Sept 22 – Oct 22 ):

Friends, Family, Travel, Good Food, and the finer thigs in life can describe our Libra friends. The top priority would always be the Freinds though. This is a Pet that craves interaction with other amimals as well as Human Freinds. The Libra Yorkie will always be ready to Travel and be the first out the door. It will not care about the distance, a short trip to the store will do, just please let me go too. The Libra’s also expect a little better quality food also, none of those standard No Name Grocery Brands for this Guy. Oh Yes! don’t forget to make that Hair Appointment, after all I must look proper for my Friends, and don’t forget the Bow. I am a Libra after all and just a little Special!

The Scorpio Yorkie ( Oct 23 – Nov 21 ):

Scorpio’s can be very interesting to say the least. Being extremely stubborn and self reliant at times. What a complex being, completely loyal to their masters, and at the same time as independant as can be. They are the searchers of the signs and for what they only know. One Man’s junk is anothers Treasure fits the Scorpio, so you’ll never know what they will dig up next and bring home to you. Even thouh they have the desire to roam, they can also tune into their owner’s feelings. If you are having an off day, the Scorpio will stay close at hand just in case you need them.

The Sagittarius Yorkie ( Nov 22 – Dec 20 ):

Sagittarius Yorkies love life and live it to the fullest. No worries here either, they just enjoy the day playing or investigating the outdoors. This is not a Yorkie to be kept inside all the time, he really needs access to the outside for his playful happy go lucky personality and spirit. A fenced yard is a must for any Yorkie regardless of his Birth Sign, but how could a Sagittarius ever stay home without some Barriers. After all they are “Foot Loose and Fancy Free”! Their energy level is always at the high side, and Traveling with the Family is another great adventure awaiting. Keeping up with your every step is no problem with this Yorkie, even the Kids may have a hard time keeping up with them.




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